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Ultimaker 2+ 3D Printer

2 310,00 €

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Free extras include:

  • An SD card, glue stick, grease, hex wrenches and a USB cable
  • Swappable 0.25, 0.4, 0.6 and 0.8 mm nozzles
  • A 0.75 kg spool of Ultimaker Silver PLA
  • Cura, our award-winning print preparation software
  • Powerful Ultimaker app
  • A calibration card to level the build plate
  • Comprehensive 12 month warranty
  • Lifetime expert support
  • An active global community of makers


Ultimaker 2+ dimensions
342 mm
13.5 inches
357 mm
14.0 inches
388 mm
15.3 inches
Dimensions with bowden tube
and reel holder:
493 x 342 x 588 mm
(19.4 x 13.5 x 23.1 inches)
11.3 kg (399 ounces)


Ultimaker 2+ build volume
223 x 223 x 205 mm
(8.8 x 8.8 x 8.1 inches)


Assembly type
Pre-assembledThe Ultimaker 2+ is an out of the box experience and immediately ready to use, as it comes pre-assembled. If you're looking for a DIY kit that you need to assemble yourself, check out our Ultimaker Original+.
Layer Resolution
0.25 mm nozzle: 150 to 60 micron
0.40 mm nozzle: 200 to 20 micron
0.60 mm nozzle: 400 to 20 micron
0.80 mm nozzle: 600 to 20 micron
A micron is the measurement used to define the thickness of a 3D printed layer. 20 microns is 0.02 mm thick. 600 microns is 0.60 mm. Thinner layers are used for high detailed prints, thicker layers are great for fast prototypes.
Build plate
50˚ to 100˚ C heated glass build plateDue to the 50˚ to 100˚ C heated glass build plate you’re able to use a much larger selection of filaments for your prints. To clean the plate simply open the clamps and remove it.
Build plate leveling
Assisted leveling processIt’s really easy to level the build plate using the printer's assisted leveling process. The print head automatically moves to the back of the build plate, after which the user turns the matching knob and uses the Ultimaker calibration card to set the right height. The print head will continue to the front left side, and then the front right side. This process is repeated once, after that you'll have a perfectly leveled bed which will stay leveled for a really long time thanks to the sturdy build of the build plate.
Print technology
Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)This is the process of depositing layers of filament, one on top of the other, to build up shapes and models. Also known as additive manufacturing technology, it’s the process used by all Ultimaker 3D printers.
Print head
Swappable nozzleThanks to the swappable nozzle, you can quickly switch between different nozzles. The standard is 0.4 mm, but you also have the option to use a 0.25 mm nozzle for detailed prints or a 0.6 mm/0.8 mm for faster prints. The new fancaps ensure the airflow is aimed perfectly below the nozzle and equally from both sides and the new Sunon fans are more silent than ever. The heater cartridge is now 35W which improves heat up times and print speeds. The PTFE isolator is made from TFM, which has a longer life span. We've removed the spring and implemented a spacer, this puts less pressure on the PTFE isolator which also expands its life span. We're using a new sensitive PT-100 temperature sensor, it provides accurate readings so you can tweak the settings with precision.
Build speed
0.25 nozzle: up to 8 mm3/s
0.40 nozzle: up to 16 mm3/s
0.60 nozzle: up to 23 mm3/s
0.80 nozzle: up to 24 mm3/s
The build speed relates to how fast the filament can be extruded through the hot end of the printer. The higher the mm3/s the greater the achievable print speed. Up to 24 mm3/s is industry-leading for a desktop 3D printer.
Print head travel speed
30 to 300 mm/sTravel speed relates to how quickly the print head can move. A higher speed means faster prints – at up to 300 mm/s the Ultimaker 2+ has one of the fastest printer heads around.
Feeder type
Geared feederThe innovative feeder allows you to easily swap filament and choose the correct pressure for your filament. For example with a softer filament you’ll need to choose a lower pressure. Such control increases the success rate of your prints. It also features a lever, when raised, you can manually insert or remove filament.
XYZ accuracy
12.5, 12.5, 5 micronThe more accurate the stepper motors within the printer, the greater degree of accuracy can be achieved with each print. Our motors are engineered and tested to achieve the very highest accuracy.
Nozzle diameter
Included are 0.25, 0.4, 0.6 and 0.8 mm nozzlesYou’re able to choose from a 0.25mm, 0.4mm, 0.6mm and 0.8mm nozzle diameter – this is the size of the hole that the filament comes through. A smaller nozzle is best for high detailed prints, whereas a 0.8mm nozzle is used for fast prototypes as more filament can flow through the hole faster.
Nozzle temperature
180˚ to 260˚ CWith such a large a temperature range from 180˚ to 260˚ C, you have greater flexibility as to which filaments you can print with.
Nozzle heat up time
~ 1 minuteWith an even more powerful 35W heater cartridge the Ultimaker 2+ nozzle heats up really fast allowing you to start printing in no time. It also means that prints can be completed much faster as it can melt the plastic faster.
Build plate heat up time
< 4 minutesThe innovative heated print bed takes less than 4 minutes to reach print ready temperature. Once the print is complete and the bed has cooled, it’s really easy to remove your print. It also creates a smooth finish underneath each model.
Operating sound
50 dBAAt just 50 dBA, the sound your Ultimaker 2+ makes when printing is barely audible. This makes it perfect for desktop printing in businesses, schools or in the home.


Open filament systemThe Ultimaker 2+ has an open filament system, this means you’re able to use any kind of filament to get precisely the finish you’re after. When you combine different materials with different nozzles – the possibilities are endless.
Filament diameter
2.85 mmWhen purchasing filaments for your Ultimaker 2+, you must buy 2.85mm diameter filament – this is the optimal size for your Ultimaker.
Supported materials
PLA, ABS, CPEThe Ultimaker 2+ is a highly flexible 3D printer and gives you the freedom to choose whatever type of filament that suits your project. The Ultimaker 2+ is optimized for Ultimaker PLA, ABS and CPE.
Ultimaker filament
A spool of Ultimaker filament is 750 gOptimized perfectly for the Ultimaker 2+, we offer a range of 750 g filaments that are 2.85mm in diameter and approximately 90 meters long.


Cura, our free print preparation softwareCura is our industry-leading slicing and preparation software that turns your 3D model into a file your printer can use. You can download Cura for free here.
Supported OS
Free on Mac OS X, Windows and LinuxCura works seamlessly on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.
Supported file types
STL, OBJ and AMFAn STL file is the most used file type for 3D printing. Nearly any 3D modeling software program is able to create these files.
File transfer
Standalone 3D printing from SD card (included)Simply copy the .gcode file that Cura created for you onto the supplied SD card and insert it into your Ultimaker 2+. No computer connection required during printing.
Operating ambient temperature
15˚ C to 32˚ C (59˚ to 90˚ F)Your Ultimaker 2+ operates at its best at these temperatures.
Nonoperating temperature
0˚ C to 32˚ C (32˚ to 90˚ F)Your Ultimaker 2+ can be stored or left inactive at these temperatures.
100 - 240V
4A, 50-60Hz
221 W max.
24 V DC, 9.2 A


Equal for the Ultimaker 2+ and Ultimaker 2 Extended+
Ultimaker 2+ front hardware components
Ultimaker 2 Extended+ back hardware components

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Ultimaker 2+ 3D Printer

Ultimaker 2+ 3D Printer

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